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Top 7 Racing Drones by The Drones World

Top 7 Racing Drones for 2018


Thinking to buy your first racing drone?


There is a wide variety of different kinds of drones on the market. With the uprise of the use of drones and drone technology, the choice becomes harder. For starters, the best way to go is to buy an inexpensive quadcopter ready to fly. However, for the more advanced users, the choice gets harder.

Most of the professional racing drones are custom made by their owners. They build them from scratch or they modify them to adjust them to their needs. There are many examples of this kind.

Despite the fact that the best drones are custom ones, a lot of people still buy ready to fly drones. Before you buy ready to fly drone keep a few things in mind:


  • The Maneuvering Capabilities of the Drone;
  • Top speed;
  • Battery life;
  • Remote controller and its range;
  • Quality of the Camera;
  • Price of the Racing Drone.


After you check the previous performances start practicing. In order to increase your experience and personal performances, you need to do a lot of it. Racing Drones is a New Sport, and like any other sport, only practice makes perfect.


This is what we think are The Best 7 Racing Drones for 2018


7. Blade Mach 25 FPV


Blade Mach 25 FPV
Blade Mach 25 FPV by


It is a 450 grams drone that is designed to give the pilot additional advantage when racing. It has added aluminum and carbon fiber components. It’s an amazingly quick drone with 4 brushless motors. The motors with a combined power of 2300KV enable a very quick forward propulsion. It has a 10 minutes flight time and an ultra micro FPV camera. Its design gives the drone aerodynamics. It also comes with a quite humble price of 199USD.


6. ImmersionRC Vortex 250

ImmersionRC Vortex 250 Mojo

ImmersionRC Vortex 250 Mojo by


The 6th spot on the list takes this lightweight flying beast. It’s a quite small drone weighing 415 grams. It’s made of plastic and twill-weave carbon fibers’ components responsible for it’s lightweight. With its protective side plates and spared propellers, the drone is especially good for tight, narrow spaces. The drone features a titanium hardware and has full-graphic OSD. It’s prices drastically vary. On average it costs around 350USD.


5. MJX High-Speed Racing Drone

MJX High Speed
MJX High Speed by


This is one of the best pre-made racing drones on the market. It has a Wi-Fi enabled camera. The camera can be manually adjusted to 720p through the powerful 5.8GHz signal. It features a recording system and a MicroSD slot. The 12 minute flying time is quite impressive.

What’s special about the drone is the simplicity. Extremely easy to use and maintain, it is especially good for the new upcoming pilots. The price makes it even more desirable, with an average of 300USD.

Or, just check AliExpress and you may find a better deal.


4. Eachine Wizard X220

Eachine Wizard X220

Eachine Wizard X220 by HPV Racing Hub


There is not much to say about this drone. It is specifically designed for the newbies. According to FPV Racing Hub, it features a 480p camera with an astounding up to 14 minutes flight time. The weight of the drone is around 9 pounds. Its range is 1000 meters with a controller of 8GHz frequency. The biggest upside is its cheap price of around 290USD which is a real steal considering it’s carbon fiber frame.


3. Diatone Crusader GT200

Diatone Crusader GT200
Diatone Crusader GT200 by


This drone is known for its high specifications, amazing flying dynamics and a GoPro camera capable of shooting frames in 1080 resolution. Its maximum speed i 99 mph. It has a Cloverleaf antenna, it comes with FPV goggles and has 2306 and 2450 KV motors. Its weight is pretty average with 554 grams and a very low price of just 260USD. Its downside is the lack of LED orientation and a USB port.


2. Hubsan H107B X4 Mini Drone

hubsan top racing drone
Hubsan H 107 D by


It’s a ready-to-fly drone that comes with the 6-axis flight control system. It is especially good for beginners, as it is easy to fly. The drone weight is around 1 pound. It has a camera of 1 MP 480p and a 100m flying range. The drone is equipped with LED lights and an 8 GHz controller frequency. It has a short flight time of 7 minutes. The price/specification ratio, however, tops the list with a price under 100USD!


1. Walkera F210 FPV Drone

Walkera F210
Walkera F210 Top Racing Drone by


This is the only profession ready-to-fly drone on the list. It has a highly innovative design and a carbon body. According to it’s manufactorer, the 4 2500KV motors along with the powerful batteries give the drone a capability of reaching very high speeds. It weighs 0.9 pounds and has a 9 minute flight time. Its flight range is quite amazing with 800 meters. The drone also has an HD camera capable of night vision. Its price is around 329USD and the downsides are hard to come by with this drone.


All of the drones we mentioned above are a good choice for beginners or semi-beginners. Depending on the pilot’s ambition and surrounding that he or she will be flying, he or she can surely make a good choice from the list.

However, professional pilots might not fit in this list. If you are one of them, then you can probably build your own racing drones. But if you are planning to start your career as a drone pilot that you can start from here. This list leaves you great choices.