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Top 6 Selfie Drones

  • Will Selfie drones replace the selfie sticks? While Everyone appreciates a good selfie, not everyone likes the awkward moment while holding a selfie stick;

  • How will Face tracking revolutionize selfies?

  • While many manufacturers are competing by creating the best selfie drone, here are the top 6 selfie drones on the market that we select;

Will Selfie drones replace the selfie sticks? While Everyone appreciates a good selfie, not everyone likes the awkward moment while holding a selfie stick. The selfie sticks made a huge boom in a very short time. Despite the fact of their physical appearance, their popularity clearly showed how important selfies are to the people. However, their time might be coming to an end.

Drones have come a long way since their introduction to the retail market. First, they were outdoor tools used for military purposes, and now they used almost everywhere. As the competition grew, so did the quality of the drones. Different sizes, shapes, configurations, cameras, and sensors for different purposes. As their development advanced, so did the demand for different appliances. Soon, drones were made small and compact with the capability of indoor flying, easy to maneuver, and equipped with face-tracking technology and safety sensors. With all of these technological achievements, drones will definitely dominate the selfie photography field.

Face Tracking

Face tracking for selfie drones might be the key feature that makes these toys different than anything else. The development of this technology allowed for these drones to become a real separate breed. It allows the pilot to make 360 degrees panoramic photos along with the rest of the crew all without having to worry about pressing the button! Once the drone leaves the pilot’s hand, it searches for nearby human faces and takes multiple shots. To be even more convenient the drone goes to the home-point and lands on the pilot’s hand.

This combination, along with the improvements in camera quality and precision led to people stepping up their selfie-game with the help of drones. While many manufacturers are competing by creating the best selfie drone, here are the top 6 selfie drones on the market that we select.

6. Air PIX Selfie Drone

Selfie Drone Air Pix

Air Pix is a perfect example of how Face Tracking works in these types of drones. This amazing, Reddot award winner is so easy to fly that you can use it with or without your smartphone. You can just pull it out of your pocket and start flying. This selfie drone has its own app that allows you to choose the different fly, such as manual for skilled pilot or auto fly combined with face tracking for pleasure experience.

It is also equipped with a 12MP camera capable of taking full HD videos at 30fps. You can leave it by itself with confidence, as it will initiate a safe auto-land feature as soon as it loses connection or battery. It only weighs impressively 51 grams and has an 8Gb removable memory card. All of this for only 119$**!

5. JJRC H37 Elfie

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This toy-class drone is perfect for young pilots. It’s a compact drone that you can easily fit in your pocket. You can control it with your smartphone and fly it anywhere. Its G-Sensor mode allows it to follow you everywhere you go by using the smartphone as it’s guidance. The tiny 0.3MP camera is nothing too impressive, but more than enough for its low price tag of just $28**. It has a flight time of 10 minutes which is reasonable considering its size and price. Its ability to do 3D flips allows you to perform cool aerial stunts, while still having a pretty precise and stable camera. It only weighs 76 grams, and has a range of 100 meters!

4. DJI Mavic Pro

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Coming on the other side of the price spectrum, there’s the DJI Mavic Pro. Considering the features of the drone and it’s full 4K camera, the newest price of around $799 is a bargain**. By folding down its arms, it has the size of a small water-bottle. This drone has a 5000 meters range and equal max altitude, all together with the additional feature of high speed. It is a fast drone that flies with speeds of up to 64 km/h, which makes it perfect for motion tracking. The 4K camera allows for a full HD video streaming with 30 fps. It comes with a controller, but to be extra convenient you can choose to control it only with your smart device. It weighs 734 grams and has a flight time of 27 minutes, very impressive for its size. Learn more on the official DJI site.

3. DJI Spark

The reason this drone is ranked higher than the DJI Mavic Pro is mainly because it’s a Selfie Drone list. When speaking solemnly about specs, the Mavic Pro tops it easily. However, it has some interesting features that the selfie enthusiasts would love. First of all, it is a lot more compact and weighing only 300 grams. It’s latest price tag of $500 makes it even more appealing.** The 12MP camera combined with the FaceAware, ShallowFocus and Quick Launch features makes it a perfect selfie drone. It has a range of 100 meters and a flight time of 15 minutes. It’s a pretty fast machine with a maximum speed of 50km/h. Thanks to the UltraSmooth technology and the two-axis gimbal it features, it is capable of sharp and steady photos even in higher winds (up to 28km/h)!


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The ZEROTECH Dobby has deserved to be on this list due to is a good price for the offered value. This selfie drone weighs only 199 grams and has a core board reduced by 90%, which makes it extremely powerful and capable of its size. It can easily fit in your jeans pockets and it’s perfect for indoor selfies. With is 13MP camera and 1080P FHD Video ZEROTECH Dobby is well above the expectations for such a small everyday drone. The multiple sensors allow an enjoyable experience supported with palm takeoff feature along with the voice-enabled control. All this for a price tag of just $199!**

1. Hover Camera Passport Selfie Drone

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This quadcopter will catch your eye from the first sight. It has a weird shape that makes it unique. The propellers “cages” are made of carbon-fiber which makes it extremely durable and light for it’s size. It has a 13MP camera with 4K video. It has some revolutionary features which make it even more appealing for the convenience loving pilots. It’s gesture control and owner mode allows it to follow u wherever you go. It can also track you and come right back to it’s owner. The flight-time in average is between 8-10 minutes. Its simplicity along with the features it has and the high-quality camera, all for a price tag of just $350 easily tops our list.

Even if put the selfie drones aside, the drones market is experiencing a huge boost in sales since the start of the pandemic. Many people find them as a good way of passing the boring quarantine times by engaging in new hobbies. Selfie drones, however, do not fall far behind as they are cheap and easy to experiment with, making it the perfect match for newcomers.

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