Top 5 High Quality and Affordable Drone Backpacks

  • Check out the strength and weakness of our pick of top 5 quality and affordable drone backpacks.

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  • The rising of a necessity.

When it comes to to drone transportation, things can get pretty complicated. All of those separate parts and extra equipment require space. Furthermore, different drones come in different sizes with different designs. Things escalate even further when it comes to professional photographers, inspectors or surveyors who need stability and safeness in all sorts of environments. That’s why more and more companies which manufacture backpacks turn to special drone backpacks design and manufacturing. As drones become more and more commercially accepted, so does the need for these kinds of drone backpacks and cases.

We will look into this problematic deeper and analyse the strengths and weaknesses of these drone backpacks individually. We will also divide them and pair them with the drones they are most compatible with or designed for. Hopefully, we can help you in deciding which backpack is best for you in regards to quality, as well as affordability. Here’s our list of Top 5 Drone Backpacks.

5. Torvol Quad Pitstop Backpack

When it comes to the more action-loving, adrenaline rushers FPV Drones’ pilots, our top pick would be the Torvol Quad Pitstop Backpack. It has a compact design, cushy and soft on the backside, but quite strong and rain-resistant as well. The four compartments with padded dividers inside, are perfect for all the different types of controllers and googles that come with these types of drones. You can carry multiple FPV drones at once, as long as the propellers are not mounted.

The backpack has a special magnetic pouch that’s perfect for the small metal parts of your equipment, such as bolts, screws and small screwdrivers, as well as side compartments for the batteries or lenses. We recommend this backpack for 3 inch (7.62cm) and 5 inch (12.7cm) quads. You can also order the additional LipoSafe bag for your batteries. Unfortunately, you can only manipulate the backpack with the front side upwards.

Overall, we are talking about a high quality product that offers huge diversability. You can buy it on Amazon in medium price range.

4. Lykus DBP 100U

On number 4 we place the Lykus DBP 100U. This backpack is a perfect fit and designed for DJI owners, specifically, the Phantom Series. It uses a high quality canvas material which makes it strong, durable and light. The backpack also has a rain-resistant cover with 0% chance of failure, It features special compartments for all the equipment available for these series. The backpack also has a double padded thick interior and prevents any kinds of collision between the separate parts.

The package also contains a Lykus bag and a rain cover. The warranty on this package is lifetime limited. With a low price tag on Amazon, it’s more of an asset than a liability.

3. Lowepro Droneguard BP-250

Originally designed for the Mavic series, this backpack brings compactness to a whole new level. It has significantly lower profile than the rest of the backpacks shown. The back side is soft, cushy and extra padded which provides comfort when wearing. The front side is harder with extra rigidness. The straps on the front side of the outer part are also used for attaching a smaller, racing drone. Despite the Mavic’s, you can easily fit other smaller drones which makes it really versatile.

The backpack has a removable pocket placed from the inside of the from part. It is really useful for carrying different, smaller accessories. Apart from drones and the different set of equipment, you can place the one of DJIs OSMO gimbles. This backpack has 8 different compartments. It is not water proof, however it is still splash resistant. Aside from the drone and its equipment, you can also fit a tablet, a laptop and your phone on one of the straps.

Overall, a drone backpack definitely worth considering. An irreplaceable choice for the Mavic Air and Mavic Pro. With a medium price range on Amazon, it’s quite a long term investment for your drone.

2. Manfrotto MB BP-D1 Backpack

On number 2 we place the big and bulky Manfrotto MB BP-D1 Backpack. It is an amazing pick for the Phantoms and similar quadcopters. The high quality materials used to build this thing gives you protection like no other. It is still, however quite robust and with many different compartments. On the back side it has a big pocket for a 17 inch (43cm) laptop and a smaller tablet. Inside you get 3 removable pockets, which are perfect for carrying the batteries, even the larger ones for the Phantom 4 series. The backpack also features a rain cover that makes it water-resistant. The super thick and soft padding on the back side have a suitcase strap attached, making room for additional equipment.

Now, being the biggest and toughest, it also has the highest price. However, for the quality that this backpack features, a medium price range on Amazon, it’s quite a bargain!

1. Lowepro QuadGuard BP X3

The Lowepro QuadGuard BP X3 for FPV racing drones, takes the first spot by a long shot. The thought and design put in this compact little backpack is on another level. Designed for the popular 3 inch and 5 inch racing models and the many different little tools they require, this backpack has it all. The new edition (BP X3) has a new, laptop sleeve perfect for those 15 inch (38.1 cm) laptops. On the back of the sleeve you can see elastic tool-holders to hold your tools, antennas or cables. The Lowepro removable quad storage platform fits your quad perfectly and holds it securely with an elastic strap.

The company also put lots of thought into securing your drone by placing their special, rugged 600D material on the places where your drone might rub into. On the back of the inside there are 4 compartments mainly designed for holding the batteries. The dividers are removable so you can fit them the way you like to. Under the battery compartments you can find the featured tool bag, if you prefer to save the tool-holder for other equipment. Under the quad platform, you’l find the additional pocket designed for holding the monitor or anything of similar size. the inside, the back, front outside, they are all loaded with additional elastic straps.

With so many different options and compartments this backpack has to offer, you’ll ask the question: “How can this be comfortable when wearing..?” The thing is, that the multiple pads and cleverly-placed hard dividers, provide for a smooth and relaxed fit, even for longer walks under any conditions. Oh, and its protective removable rain cover makes it water-resistant as as well.

The price of the BP X3 stands in the height range on Amazon. We think of it as a really good price, considering the thought and quality put into designing and manufacturing this backpack.

The rising of a necessity

The equation is simple: the more the drones, the bigger the need for means of their transportation. As so, with the rising demand for these kinds of drone backpacks we expect a rise in the competition in this manufacturing sector. Maybe new manufacturers will rise up, maybe the drone companies such as DJI will become their biggest competitors? Only time can tell, but we can surely promise that we will update our list in this fast-changing “new” industry!

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