Cyber Tourism for The Highest Waterfall in the World
The Highest Waterfall

The Highest Waterfall in The World

Enjoy a 360 Aerial View of The Highest Waterfall in The World

The Highest Waterfall in the World is Angells Falls, located in the state of Bolivarian Republic in Venezuela. With its height of 979 metres it is almost impposible to be seen from human eye.

Named by it’s discover Angells, it is considered as on of the most famous Venecuelian natural Landmarsk and the highest uninterapted waterfall in the world. Being the highest means you have to go even higher to see it all.

History of The Highest Waterfall

Even though there are many stories about who discovered first the Waterfall, only one is proven. The American pilot Jimmie Angel discovered this place on the 16th of November 1933 searching for valuable ore bad. At that time many exploration missions were going around that region of the world in a search for precious minerals.

Angel’s search for ore, turn in into something even greater. Because of his discovery the waterfall was named to honor his name. Many years after , the Venecualian president Hugo Chaves had an idea of changing the name. With his arguments that the waterfall is indiginous and considered as nation’s landmark he propossed the name by the indiginous Pemon term. Translated as the waterfall at the deepest place, refering to it’s location and surounding. However, this change never really happen and the history is saved.

Even though the highest waterfall was already discovered, many expeditions were made after. Some were searching for its base, some for were measuring its hight and so on. Keeping in mind that they did not have drone’s at that time, their missions must have been hard.

Tourism Attraction

Today people’s needs of exploration are even higher than ever before. In search for advanture The Highest Waterfall in the world is becomming a big touristic destination.

Many people are visiting this secluded location, even thou the trip to it is hard and long. Plane flights, boat ride and hicking trips are listed on the routh to get there. But having this on mind, this is not a trip for everyone. Only people that are ready, phisicaly and metaly prepared and even more important, dedicated to the couse can do it.

However lets dont panic! The team from AirPano are offering a 360 degree perspective to Angels Falls, together with it’s surounding. This is great possibility for everyone with a computer or a smartphone in front to visit the location in 360 Aerial View.

The new possibilities that technology offer now days is making accesability to higly not accesable areas possible. Cyber tourism is slowly offering at least visual leasure time for everyone that are impossible to visit places for many different reasons.

For those that will be possible to visit: Dont forget you bading suit, and brind your drone to take a batter look and save memories.