Texas by Drone: Explore the Unique Wonders of the Lone Star State

Texas by Drone
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  • Enjoy the Lone Star State like never before with the help of drones!

  • Check out aerial photos and videos from talented drone pilots featuring picturesque sights of Texas.

  • Take a look at the basics of drone laws and regulations in the state.

If you want to visit a large state with a diverse and exciting landscape, then Texas is the destination for you. The good news is that you can see some of the most popular and picturesque locations by drone.

Texas represents the biggest state in Continental U.S., inhabiting nearly 30 million people in an area of around 700k square km (269k square mi). Its landscape consists of desert areas, vast plains with the most wind turbines in the world as well as two of the vital cities in North America Houston and Dallas, the Mexican border, and even the Mexican coastline’s Gulf.

You can get an aerial view and take snapshots and videos of all these exciting places. So, stay tuned as we uncover them in more detail and show you the top spots you should go to when visiting Texas by drone.


Source: Professional Drone Services

There are many things that make “The Big D” a special city. Among them is one of the biggest metro areas in the States. It’s also known for sports, claiming the title of a sports capital in the United States. Its large stadiums like the AT&T Stadium and the American Airlines Arena alongside the stunning skyline and parks are among the places where you can get exciting drone views.

Furthermore, Dallas has White Rock Lake Park, which hosts some great spots for drones. You can even capture the wide lake and the green surrounding area filled with different types of greenery. Lake Cliff Park is another exciting place where you can fly your drone and capture shots of the magnificent city skyline behind the peaceful lake.

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The USS Texas

Source: Third Coast Drone

Another exciting location you can visit by drone is the USS Texas, which is the only one left from the warships in the US Navy Dreadnought style. It was active in combat in the two World Wars and began operating in the first one.

Its historical meaning and interesting appearance make it one of the most storied warships in the United States. In 1947 it was turned into a museum that floats and since then it has been in the Houston Ship Channel where you can clearly see it and capture some exciting drone shots. Also, if you’re a fan of movies you may have noticed the ship in Pearl Harbor as one of the most famous movies where it has appeared over the years.


Spread on the Colorado River banks, the capital city Austin is a destination you should definitely include in your travel plans. Due to its fast growth and numerous sights, it provides many opportunities for exploring by drone.

For starters, there are many wide and open parks surrounded by nature that your drone can freely fly over. Some of them are Sand Beach Park, Wind Point Park, and Miruna Park. In the latter two, you can capture beautiful shots of Lake Travis, as well. At the same time, you can catch the city’s skyline as well as the river.

What’s more, Austin boasts a wonderful beachfront. Specifically, on Terramar Beach, you can catch scenic views of the backdrop and the calm waters, which is why it’s a great destination for aerial footage.

Caprock Canyons

Credits to Our Gold Road

If you go near the city of Amarillo in Texas, consider going to the Caprock Canyons to capture their beauty from above. In fact, most of them belong to the third largest state park, the Caprock Canyons State Park and Trailway.

From the moment you start exploring them, you’ll notice the wonder of nature, the scenery that changes colors depending on the season, and of course the rich wildlife. All of this will look amazing in your drone shots collection. Just make sure you have your permit.

South Padre Island

What’s interesting about this barrier island is that it has become one of the most popular locations for the spring break of college students. This happened after it was completely reconstructed in the seventies following the destruction brought by Hurricane Beulah at the end of the sixties.

It’s located on the Gulf of Mexico, close to Texas’ southern tip.

So, it has many exciting spots that you should visit with your drone. The western side has waters that are protected, making the island a great destination for waterskiing, jet skiing, kiteboarding, and similar water sports.


Source: TAPP Channel

Did you know that Houston tends to be the most populous city in the state of Texas? It’s a metropolis that has many interesting things to see and do, including some amazing locations for aerial footage.

Considering that ‘Houston’ was the first word heard from the moon, the city has many links to science and space. Moreover, there you can find the NASA Johnson Space Center and the Museum of Natural History. Aside from these, you can take great shots of the UofH’s TDECU Stadium, the Minute Maid Park, NRG Stadium, and the Astrodome as well as the Port of Houston.

If parks and nature are more of your thing, you can always head to Hermann Park or catch amazing photos and videos of the downtown skyline.

Drone Laws and Regulations in Texas: the Basics

To set things straight, yes, drones are allowed in Texas, just like in the rest of the U.S. states. You can fly drones for both commercial and recreational purposes, if you have the proper certifications and follow the rules and requirements.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is responsible for regulating drones on the territory of the States, including Texas. Also, locally, you should check out any additional laws and regulations. Also, the state of Texas has its law for unmanned aircraft.

Before you embark on a drone flight, make sure you’re up to date with all the rules. They are pretty easy to follow and regulate the beyond line of sight distance, registration if the drone weighs more than .55 pounds, staying away from sensitive locations like prisons and airports, and similar.

Subsequently, if you want to fly in national parks, it’s vital to get in touch with the administration of the park and make sure you get a permit. We, at The Drones World, always advocate for safe and respectful flying.

Explore Texas by Drone: Final Remarks

All in all, Texas has a lot of exciting places to offer, especially if you’re visiting with your drone. You can shoot footage of breathtaking locations that vary from parks and waters to historical monuments, stadiums, and city skylines. No matter which locations you choose, you’ll certainly get back with a full gallery and collection of drone shots. So, which destination will you go to first?

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