Visit Switzerland by Drone: The Land of Confidence & Strong Will

  • Feel confident to fly your drone in Switzerland. The land of confidence and Strong Will;

  • Get a clear view on why to visit Switzerland by Drone, its regulations and drone acceptance by the general public;

  • Enjoy the picturesque land and experience the cool mountain breeze as you fly over Lucerne and the Alps.

The Land of Confidence. Visit Switzerland by Drone

Switzerland, officially the Swiss Confederation and known by many as “The Land of Confidence”, is a landlocked country in the center of Europe and a world example of a modern superpower. The country was established in 1921 and owes its success to its rich history, political neutrality, innovation and natural terrain. Today, Switzerland is one of the most competitive economies in the world. This strong economy is due to the service industry, finance, technology and innovation. By staying safe from international affairs while situated in the heart of Europe, it has developed a reputation like no other country. Political neutrality has boosted the Swiss international reputation as The Land of Confidence and created a safe heaven for many.

In recent years, Switzerland has become known as the Technological Hub of Europe. Due to its opportunities in research, education, and entrepreneurship, technology and innovation are booming . As a one of the leading players in the technological revolution, Switzerland’s drone industry is paving the future of drones and robotics on a global scale.

Along with its advanced economy, Switzerland is home to unlimited beauty. From the Swiss Alps to the lakes, villages and medieval cities, Switzerland has much to offer. In this article, we’re pleased to present you with a few of these beautiful and scenic places as we visit Switzerland by drone. Sit back and enjoy the journey!

Why visit Switzerland By Drone?

Geographically speaking, Switzerland has three regions with stunning natural terrain, the Alps, the Swiss Plateau and Jura. With more than 70% of its territory covered with mountains, the country offers places for winter and summer sports, leisure, and entertainment. This makes it the perfect spot for anyone seeking adventure tourism, adrenaline sports, or breath taking views. Drone pilots can take creative videos while skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking,rock climbing, running, or hiking.

If one prefers to go slow and enjoy the views, Switzerland has plenty of options for aerial photography. These opportunities include mountains, lakes, and beautiful villages located on dramatic terrain. In addition, Switzerland’s cities are old and rich with history. To take advantage of these, visitors may consider flying in Lucerne, Zurich, or through the views of beautiful Geneva. If you’re not completely convinced yet, we encourage you to view the footage below.

Credits to DroneScapes by ATELLANI

A Drone Pilot’s Playground

Thanks to the highly developed service and hospitality industry, Switzerland can accommodate the needs of almost everyone. These many options include affordable, safe and cozy Airbnb’s and hostels, to upscale hotels.

With Switzerland being one of the first nations to test drone monitoring systems, Swiss people have acclimated to seeing these flying machines above their heads. According to MySwitzerland, Swiss people are happy to see pilots making beautiful videos and pictures from their country. With this being said, the general population accepts drones, giving pilots the confidence to focus on producing better footage.

When it comes to rules and regulations, Switzerland tends to be more flexible than most places. No strict laws limit pilots. However, you cannot fly a drone at night and you’re required to keep your drone within your eye sight. Despite this, in most of the country visitors can fly drones almost care free. In addition, there are few no-fly zones which makes it quite appealing for pilots. For more information, please make sure to check on laws and regulations for Flying a Drone in Switzerland!

Where to Explore Switzerland by Drone

Since we gave you some inside information on what Switzerland by Drone is like, now we want to share a few tips on where to fly drones in Switzerland. Be sure to keep in mind the challenging natural features, equip yourself with the best drone travel gear, check the weather, book your accommodations, and buy drone insurance.

Ready, Steady, Go!!!

The Top of Europe- the Jungfrau Region

Credits to Swiss Drone

Known as The Top of Europe, the Jungfrau region is home to amazing natural beauties. From mountainous lakes to vast green fields, high peaks and stunning sunsets, Jungfrau has it all. The region is known for the longest glacier in Europe- Aletsch Glacier, a UNESCO Heritage Site. This region also boasts beautiful ski centers. For mountain climbing enthusiasts, you’ll love Wetterhorn and Eiger. Considered the two most difficult climbs in the world, they’re a challenge for any mountain climber. For the more “laid-back” adventurers who enjoy a stunning view of nature, you have Faulhorn. Enjoy the aerial heaven in the video above!

Peek Into the Clouds on Monte Rosa

Credits to Ori Feldman

Monte Rosa is the greatest massif in the Swiss Alps, with more than 10 peaks higher than 4000 meters (13,123 feet). The massif is a real wonder of nature. With its sharp peaks and hard climbs, it is a unique experience for both hikers and climbers. The most attractive place on the mountain massif is Gornergrat, which attracts millions of tourists annually. Gornergrat is a ridge on the top which offers amazing views of the Alps that stretch all the way to Matterhorn. Whether a hiker, climber, a drone pilot, or cyber tourist, the massif is an adventure in itself!

The Medieval-Like City of Lucerne

Credits to Gregor Vogel

Lucerne is just like the imagination of any tourist. Narrow crowded streets, old buildings all around, middle sized long red-tiled angled roofs, symbolic monuments and cleanliness at its peak. Lucerne is known for it’s concerts, soloists and orchestras. With all of this, the picture of a historic European city is left in front of you. Visit the car-free medieval Lucerne and enjoy its beautiful blue lake.

A Picturesque Land with Natural Uniqueness

Credits to DK-Aerial

Undoubtedly, Switzerland is a true representation of European spirit. As a result of its political neutrality, Switzerland is preserved like no other country in Europe. Along with this, Switzerland’s reputation in almost any field attracts million of tourists year-round. To sum it up, you have the stunning old towns, numerous lakes, and untouched natural beauties that provide breath-taking sights for all tastes

Even though beauty is best experienced first hand, visiting Switzerland by drone is equally as breathtaking. With this intention, hope that this article provided an opportunity for you to enjoy the natural beauty of Switzerland. until you’re able to visit yourself. Visit The Drones World for more drone related stories.