Skopje Air
Skopje as Europe most air polluted city

Skopje Air Pollution Detected by Drones


Air pollution shortens the lives and kills millions of people around the globe. In the last analyses conducted by the World Health Organization, Eastern Europe and the Balkans were ranked the most polluted areas in Europe. Countries from these regions have the highest rate of mortality caused by air pollution. Macedonia, Poland, and Hungary have the highest average annual levels of city pollution.

In the last report, WHO ranked Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, as the most polluted city in Europe. Up until recently the local authorities were not doing much to stop the problem. Because of their dismissal, this problem grew on a massive scale.


Skopje Air Pollution
View of Air Polluted Skopje. Factories are one of the main sources of Air Pollution in Skopje. Photo by Georgi Licovski/Epa/REX/Shutterstock

According to UNEnvironment the biggest air polluters are factories, vehicles powered by diesel, and the wood heating houses. In addition to this, the authorities continue to add to land fills.

On one side, the City of Skopje has discovered a few of the main polluters of the air. However, they haven’t done much to stop them. The level of Skopje Air pollution is rising, and so are the pollution sources with it. The city of Skopje is at war with air pollution, and is using modern technology as a weapon.


Drones Will Detect Skopje Air Pollution Sources


In order to make the search for air pollution sources more efficient, the municipality of Skopje has started to use a drone. This drone is a tool for 3D mapping of the city and is specialized for capturing high-resolution aerial photos. It is manufactured by the world’s leading drone making company SenseFly, and expected to help the city by detecting and monitoring air pollution sources.

The entire monitoring process is divided into three parts: Data collection, which will be done by the drone; generating 3D aerial models and video recordings of the city and analyzing the collected data.


Air Pollution in Skopje
Skopje Air Pollution – Credits to cuckove/flickr


For the beginning phases, the local authorities will monitor the most polluted areas of the city, which are already known to them. The drone’s first flight was over the city’s biggest landfill of trash. This landfill is the official decomposing area of Skopje, and it is considered to be the biggest producer of PM10 pollutive molecules. The results of the flight are not published yet, but it sends the message very clearly. The city will fight for its healthy environment.

This drone-collected data can help the local authorities to act much faster in preventing air pollution. Skopje Air pollution is at the highest level ever. The population of the city is feeling the problems in their health.


Protests in SKopje
People in Skopje protesting against the Air Pollution. The masks they wear are becoming part of the city fashion. Photo by


Drone Users Take Action!


Every citizen is responsible for the environment. The local authorities might need help by detecting the sources of air pollution. The people of Skopje have developed a blacklist for pollution sources. This website allows everyone to report pollution sources when they are detected. The drone owners in Macedonia can submit their contributions too.  Take action and help Skopje to become a beautiful and livable city again!


Skopje Air
Beautiful day with no air pollution in Skopje – Credits to The Drones World


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