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Macedonian Drone Law: Everything You Need Before Flying


Is it legal to fly a drone in Macedonia? 


Ohrid Lake Macedonia – Picture by The Drones World


Macedonia is one of the most amazing countries in the world for breathtaking pictures of the landscape and architecture. It is an undiscovered pearl on the Balkan peninsula that has been forgotten for a long time. Nowadays, it’s landscape and architecture are attracting a lot of visitors from different backgrounds and interests.

Everyone that visits the country wants to take a piece of it as a small memory. Today more than ever, people are taking pictures to frame the memory of space.

But, before you make any plans for your trip to visit Macedonia with your quad, it is important to check Macedonian drone law and regulations.

The regulation policy and national aviation authority are controlled by the Macedonian Civil Aviation Agency (MCAA). According to this agency, operating a drone in Macedonia is legal. However, before flying you must make sure you are completing the national regulation policy given by MCAA.

Drone Classification in Macedonia


In order to fly your UAV in this country, you must be aware of which category your aircraft falls under. Macedonian drone law separate UAV’s classification into the following categories: the purpose of  the flight, and the weight and performances of the drone.


According to Macedonian drone law, the usage of UAV’s is classified into two categories:


1. UAV’s which can be used for commercial or private purposes;
2.  UAV’s which can be used for sports activities or recreation;


The Clasification according to the weight and performances of the UAV in different categories:


1. Category 1 – UAV’s with MTOW (maximum takeoff weight) lower than 0.5 kg, max speed not higher than 30m/s and max operation radius up to 100m;

2. Category 2 – includes UAV’s with MTOW between 0.5 kg and 5 kg, max speed not higher than 30 m/s and max operation radius up to 2000 m;

3. Category 3 –  includes UAV’s with MTOW between 5 kg and 20 kg, max speed not higher than 55 m/s and max operation radius up to 3000 m;

4. Category 4 –  includes UAV’s with MTOW between 20 kg and 150 kg, max speed, distance, and hight is not limited;

5. Category 5 –  includes UAV’s with MTOW above 150 kg, max speed, distance, and hight is not limited.

Who can fly with a drone in Macedonia?


After you’ve confirmed the information about the classification of your drone and the purpose of your flight, it is important to know whether you can actually fly in Macedonia.

According to Macedonian drone law, anyone can fly a drone as long as he or she is fulfilling the conditions of the law and has a license issued in Macedonia or an international license. As long as the person is fulfilling these conditions the limitations are minor. The pilot limitations are mainly dedicated to the area of your flight, the timing, and the purpose of the flight.


Flying area limitations for UAVs in Macedonia:


Over View of the Old Bazar, Skopje – Made by Stef Hoffer

Area 1 – Undeveloped and desolate area with no civilians around, besides the person controlling the Drone;

Area 2Built environment with buildings or infrastructure that has no civilians around at the time of the flight. The same area can have the possibility of having civilians at some point;

Area 3 – Developed and inhabited area;

Area 4 – Developed and dance areas which include city centers or any other area with a higher density of population.

In all of the four cases mentioned above, the person operating the drone is obligated to contact the authorities. The pilot must contact the local authorities within 24 hours before the flight with the following information:

– place and time of the start and end of the flight;
– radius and height of the flight marked on a map;
– personal information for the person operating the drone and license registration number for the drone;
– information about contact number of the person operating the drone.


Forbidden areas for usage of Drones in Macedonia:


  1. The users of UAV’s are not allowed to fly nearby buildings or infrastructure that are categorized as buildings for security measures or any government building such as:

– Buildings or infrastructure under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Defense or the Army of Republic of Macedonia;
– Ministry of Foreign affairs;
– The government building of the country;
– The council building;
– The residency of the president of Republic of Macedonia;
– Diplomatic facilities or housing;
– Any electrical facility, facilities for storing or cleaning water, jails or anything similar to this;

2. Drones are forbidden within 50 meters of people;

3. It is strictly forbidden to fly over Macedonian airspace with civilian UAV’s. It is allowed only with special permission from the agency that operates in this field;

4. It is not allowed to fly in an area:
– withing 30 m of a boat, infrastructure or any other vehicle;
– flying above airports without special permission;
– flying in a radius of 3 km near borderline;


5. Drones are not allowed to fly towards people, animals or any events that include a big group of people – this is a very fragile topic in this country;


6. It is not allowed to use Drones for transportation of humans, animals, dangerous materials or any other load.

7. It is not allowed to operate the drone from a moving vehicle;

8. One person that is already operating one UAV can not operate another UAV at the same time.

9. Dropping any kind of object from the drone is strongly forbidden

10. UAV’s can not fly in protected airspace areas that are used for controlled airport or terminal zones at a height higher than 11000 feet if the aircraft is not equipped with identification transmitter and has permit from a local agency.

The usage of UAV’s is allowed only during daylight hours. Operating Drones at night is allowed only with special commercial permits and permit for individual usage given by the agency

In order to respect the safety and security measures please pay attention to these part from the Macedonian drone laws:


  • The person operating the Drone is obligated to make sure all security measures are respected. Putting civilians or objects on the ground in danger is strongly forbidden.

  • The pilot always must ensure that he or she is flying over the allowed flying zone, under the allowed regulations of the law.

  • The pilot has to check the status of the equipment before a flight.
  • Any person under the influence of any psychedelic substances or drugs, including alcohol, is not allowed to operate UAV.

According to Macedonian drone law, these are the obligated documents to carry while flying :


  • Always have the manual of the manufacturer of the drone with you;
  • Carry your original or notarized copy of permission to fly for both commercial and individual flight;
  • Have proof of evidence that the aircraft is registered.


Contact information


Here are some important contacts that can be useful for you to find more information about drone law in Macedonia. It is strongly advised to contact the authorities with information about your drone and plans for your flight ahead of time.


Macedonian Civil Aviation Agency Contact Center;

The Macedonian Embassies in your country;

Macedonian Customs – for any question regarding entrance to the country with equipment;

The Drones World Team – We as a team can assist you with getting answers to your questions. Please feel free to get in touch with us.