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How to Make Money With Your Drone

5 Best Ways to Make Money with Your Drone

You can use your drone for fun, or to make money. Check out this article and learn about the possibilities that exist in the market for drone services.

Drones are cheap as an investment and you can charge decent pricing of its services. This flying machines can bring you extra profit and with a bit of experience, you can turn them in into a bigger business.


1. Photography and Videography


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Aerial photography and videography is the best way to make money with drones. If you have a good camera with a high resolution on your drone, you can make high-quality pictures. However, If you have a drone with a 4K camera or the equivalent of GoPro camera you can still finish the job, you just need to add a bit more postproduction effects.

Everyone wants to see a beautiful picture or video from a drone’s perspective. The market for this service is very big. Starting from filming concerts, taking pictures of nature or urban areas, to recording family events-the jobs that drones and their cameras offer are limitless.

You can even take aerial pictures, and with a bit of editing, you can sell them online. After you’ve built your skills,  you can go on to offer full photography and videography as a service for all kinds of events.


2. Mapping and surveying


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Drones can take photos from above and thus record terrestrial places from very high altitudes. Drones can access hard to reach places and collect data that is difficult to measure from the ground. All of the modern day’s capabilities that drones can offer are mainly because they are remotely controlled. For all of these reasons, drones are suitable for aerial surveying.

If you decide to make money with a drone through surveying, you should know that this might be the biggest future market for drones. Aerial surveying can cover a wide specter of services. From map making to agriculture, construction to real estate.

Until the near future, helicopters have been used for this kind of job. But helicopters require more time, money and people on one hand, and offer an expensive product on the other. UAV’s can change all of that. With fewer resources, they will provide a better product. These small flying robots sometimes can finish the job faster and easier, comparing to the big and rigid helicopters.

The best part about offering surveys to clients is the great amount of software for drone mapping. All of these drone mapping apps are user-friendly and no experience is needed to start using them.


3. Inspection


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As mentioned above, many companies are using airplanes and helicopters to inspect hard to access locations. Infrastructure, construction projects, and other similar facilities have been targeted for years. From a business point of view, this looks like an expensive and not very sustainable task to do.

First of all, these flights are expensive and consume a lot of time and human labor. The companies have to spend a lot of money to inspect the sites. Second, the risk of human exposure to risky environments is high. All of this points to the size of the potential of the market.

A lot of companies nowadays are using UAV’s to finish inspection tasks. According to TechnologyAdvice companies and organizations such as Allstate, U.K.’s Royal Navy and Consumer Energy are just a few of them.

Whether you are a drone pilot for a long or short time there are a few things to remember. If you want to work inspection with drones you need to be licensed, professionally prepared, and hold the right equipment for this kind of job. Even though these job positions are very well paid, they require specific theoretical and practical knowledge.


4. Security and Surveillance


Night Security and Surveillance Drone
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Big companies around the globe are trying to cut down expenses as much as possible. Recently, these companies have begun to understand the possibilities and benefits of drones and started to implement them in different fields. One of the biggest fields where companies can cut expenses with drones is security and surveillance.

Companies are changing their classic surveillance systems to drone operators that are cheaper than having full security systems. These drones are flying over the companies’ land and monitoring every inch of it.

It doesn’t take a lot to work and make money in this field. You need to have a drone equipped with a 4k camera or thermal which can offer you night vision. If you don’t have the equipment than you can use the company’s equipment, but you will have to operate without having live views over the quad.

To make it even easier, application developers are developing software with automatic control over the drone. With this,  a pilot doesn’t even need to fly the drone. You can place a route with a specific altitude, distance, and checkpoints where the UAV can fly and take monitoring pictures. You can be there just in case of the need to intervene. In the case of an emergency, you can take manual control over the drone.


5. Agriculture


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To make money with your drone in agriculture might be a bit tricky. If you want to provide this service, it is important to provide extra equipment as well. Some of the equipment you need to have includes different types of cameras and faster and stronger quads.

UV and thermal cameras and higher image quality cameras can be just a few of the gadget types that you may need. Your UAV must be able to fly longer distances, have longer battery duration, and have the capability to lift a weight.

Having all of this equipment can help you to scan the surface and create maps for crop surveillance. In agriculture drone service, this means reduced time and money for the agriculturers.

Some people don’t see the advantage of using drones for this purpose. In a situation like this, you are able to make them more the wise by showing them the analyses in numbers behind the collected data.

If you are interested in the bigger ideas of this field, you can make money in spraying crops with drones or even use drones to plant trees. For these types of ideas, you will need a good understanding of robotics, or get someone on the team that does.




As you can see just with these 5 Ways How to Make Money with your Drone, the opportunities are endless. Whether you are a beginner or advanced drone pilot, look through the market and start from the field that you are most prepared for. Through time, you can shift from one field to another, but give yourself time to master the one you start with.

If you are a company searching for new opportunities in these fields, then maybe you should focus on a bigger scale. The delivery industry is recording its first growth with the usage of drones for delivery.

Here at The Drones World, we will offer even more ideas on the topic How to Make money with Drone. However, the drone market is growing every day, as are the business opportunities that come with it. The only thing left is for you is to go and get it. Good luck!