Flying Umbrella Brings Modern Convenience


An Object That Represents The Time We Live In


In today’s world, the symbolism of the objects around us is different than ever before. We live in a time with very limited resources, which is moving us towards a more functional life style. Our status and power can be measured by the technology we possess and the way we use it. Some people say that umbrellas can symbolize things such as the canopy of heaven, shelter, or protection. Others say that they symbolize dignity and power. 


Remember the days when you are rushing to work with the coffee in your hand, the briefcase or purse on your shoulder, and your phone is ringing while outside it is pouring? You are rushing to get inside of the building, holding your umbrella with your chin, and barely able to open the door. At this point, the umbrella is no longer a symbol of dignity, but a representation of a very inconvenient and uncomfortable feeling. This view of the umbrella will soon be changing with a new and revolutionary idea.


Aesthetics, Functionality and Meaninglessness.


The Free Parasol is the concept of a smart flying umbrella designed by the Japanese company Asahi Power. This drone umbrella is equipped with a camera that keeps track of your movement with the help of a mathematical algorithm. The technology is using artificial intelligence combined with the face tracking technology developed by DJI Company. Together, the two can provide us with a flying umbrella for commercial use in the near future.


Image from the flying umbrella. Credits to AFP Relaxnews


The technical specifications of the drone are the same as the regular specifications on DJI Mavic pro. According to Asahi Power,  they are aiming to improve the characteristics of the drone, in order to make a better drone umbrella. Their aim is to extend the flying timer, and make the drone umbrella more stable in harsh weather conditions. Asahi Power Services has lowered the weight of the original model by 1 kg (2.2 lbs ), from the original drone weight. The umbrella has a diameter of 59 inches (150 cm), weighs about 5 kg (11 lbs), and it is attached to the top of the drone.


The biggest problem for this product may be Japanese drone laws. According to the law, it is forbidden to fly UAVs in a populated area. This law limits the usage of the drone umbrella to areas with scarce amounts of people. However, the company has not lost hope. In the beginning phases, they will target private estate owners or golf players.


Golfer playing on rain. Credits to Getty Images


According to soranews24, the market price for this product will be 275 US$ per piece, and it is estimated to hit the market in 2019 with a flying umbrella that can stay in the sky for up to one hour. With this price, the umbrella is likely to become a very useful tool, and a symbol of the time we live in today.