Nevada by Drone? Enjoy The Amazing Silver State!

Nevada by drone
  • Drones enable you to get a fantastic bird’s-eye view of the US state Nevada.

  • Visit Nevada by drone. Check out unique sites in Nevada like Las Vegas, the Valley of Fire, Reno, Nelson Ghost Town, and Lake Tahoe while chilling at home.

  • Nevada is a trailblazer for drone development. The state is home to the world’s first droneport and an advanced program for drone tracking and testing.

What happens in Nevada, stays in Nevada – or was it something similar? Because of drones and cameras attached to them, you can get a full, bird’s-eye view of what happens there all from the comfort of your home. True, cyber tourism is one of the latest trends that spins the world. A plethora of individuals is enjoying tourist destinations while being completely far away from them. And Nevada is one of them. See how you can explore Nevada by drone!

Dubbed as the ‘Silver State’, Nevada has plenty to offer to hikers, explorers, partygoers, and all others who just want some good fun. Even though it’s a predominately desert territory, the state still doesn’t lack breath-taking scenery of mountainous terrain, canyons, lakes, and more. Further, its cities are unique, and there is even a popular ghost town.

With that being said, it’s time to visit Nevada by drone. Firstly, we’ll fly over Las Vegas and the Valley of Fire. Then, we’ll move to Reno and the popular Nelson Ghost Town. Eventually, we’ll experience the beauty of Lake Tahoe.

Las Vegas

Credits to Mike Drone

The capital of entertainment and the biggest city in Nevada, Las Vegas, offers pleasure and fun for both adults and families. Moreover, the city hosts plenty of comedy and circus acts as well as magic shows and live performances by some of the biggest stars on the planet. To illustrate, the fountain show at the Bellagio Hotel is one of them.

Las Vegas can boast with its unique structures and attractions that evoke memories from all over the world. Visitors can check out the replicas of the Statue of Liberty as well as the New York City skyline and a fifty-percent smaller Eiffel Tower. Furthermore, people can enjoy views from 1,149 feet (350 meters) in the air at the STRAT and its SkyPod. They can have some fun with the thrill rides, too. These and more are featured in the drone footage above.

Plenty of additional attractions are situated on The Strip – Las Vegas’s most famous road. Besides that, this road is home to numerous casinos, fountains, and other imposing structures. They easily earn the city the nickname ‘Sin City’.

Indeed, gambling is associated with Las Vegas from back in the day when the city was a hub for all types of workers who looked for fun while working on the Boulder Dam.

Valley of Fire

Credits to Erin O’Boyle

Located just an hour away from Las Vegas lies the wondrously colorful state park called Valley of Fire. It’s believed that the name has stuck as a result of the park’s rock formations that seem to be on fire when the sun is shining.

Speaking of the rock formations, they’re from Aztec sandstone in bright pink and red. Hiking through them gives you otherworldly feelings. So, it isn’t surprising at all that Hollywood used the park as a setting for many science-fiction movies among which are ‘Total Recall,’ one of the ‘Star Trek’ movies, and more.

Spread on over 40,000 acres (161.87 square kilometers), people can hike on the numerous trails, admire the marvelous formations, check out the historic petroglyphs, and more. To get a glimpse of all of this while exploring Nevada by drone, check out the video above.


Credits to Anthony Donato

The ‘biggest little city in the world’ is another entertainment hub very close to the Nevada border with California. Besides casino games, tourists can enjoy a plethora of outdoor activities.

They may include strolling or riding a bike by the river, playing golf on one of Reno’s ten golf courses, and similar. Having a delicious meal in one of Reno’s dining places is a popular activity.

Additionally, the city displays eye-catching architectural feats like the big white ball at the Silver Legacy Resort. Another popular tourist attraction is passing under the arched sign with the city’s nickname – the biggest little city – on it and taking pictures with it.

What’s interesting is that an advanced drone-tracking program has been set in place in Reno. Regardless, find out more what the city has to offer in the video above.

Nelson Ghost Town

Credits to Rambo

This funky and quirky ghost town has become a real tourist attraction. The site draws plenty of photographers and those who photograph as a hobby for one-of-a-king photo ops. Further, it’s great for children, too.

The place is littered with empty buildings, buses, cars, and a very old mine. Thus, there’s plenty of history hiding there, which history buffs will adore. For one, the town represents a symbol of one of the biggest gold strikes in Nevada. Its origins can be traced to the 1770s. Additionally, you can stop by Colorado River which is close by. The video above offers a bird’s-eye view of this distinctive place.

Lake Tahoe

Credits to Matt Michelini

Split between Nevada and California, the biggest alpine lake in the USA is a favorite vacation place for close to three million people per year. If not an in-person, you can be a cyber tourist and visit Lake Tahoe and Nevada by drone. Check out the video above to experience the marvelous Lake Tahoe.

Passing glaciers from millions of years ago have carved characteristic bays on Lake Tahoe. Subsequently, the lake is surrounded by tall and gracious-looking trees as well as granite cliffs brimming with colors. Besides walking and golfing, tourists flock Lake Tahoe in the winter for skiing. You can also swim and even kayak at Zephyr Cove, Crystal Bay, and such.

Fun fact: Nevada in Spanish can be translated as ‘snow-covered’

So, in the spirit of the name’s meaning, take a look at how Lake Tahoe looks like under all that marvelous snow.

Credits to James Ferrandini

Experience Nevada by Drone – Regulations and Laws

Nevada doesn’t hide its love for drones. Specifically, the state is the home to the world’s first ‘droneport’ or a drone airport. The state is very transparent when it comes to drone laws and regulations, too. This makes it easier for individuals who want to fly a drone there. Indeed, before flying there, checking out the Nevada drone laws is imperative.

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