Drone Racing Entertainment in Times of Pandemic

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  • Drone Racing New Virtual Entertainment ideas are emerging
  • What seemed like a forced move by the unwanted events at first, turned out to be the opposite for the Drone Racing League
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The Future of Virtual Lifestyle

With the future being unpredictable than ever, companies and organizations have to be more creative than in order to survive the crisis with as little damage as possible. Some industries undergo irreversible economic damage, others experience growth as never seen before. New businesses emerge “thanks” to the virus and moving our daily life into the virtual world.

The world of the drone industry suffers significant differences in the economic terms, but its audience is becoming more diverse. While drone transportation is helping humanity to save lives in a time of social distancing, Drone Racing as Entertainment has a new role.

Entertainment in the FPV Drone Racing World

In regards to the situation with the outbreak, most of the FPV drone racing live events have been canceled. However, new ideas to keep the industry alive are emerging daily. With the limitations on outdoor recreation, FPV drone enthusiasts are slowly resorting to micro FPV drones with higher adaptability to indoor environments.

More and more drone manufacturing companies are turning their production towards the micro drones. KiwiQuads is a great example of such a character.

Racing Micro Drone
Racing Micro Drone Credits to DroningON.co

With the rise of this new trend in New Zeland, KiwiQuads is happily announcing a vast array of different micro drones. As this trend is spreading worldwide, other well-known drone manufacturers are turning their focus on these new little substitutes.

DRL’s accidental takeoff

Changes in the Drone Racing league can be noticed, while a remarkable increase in their worldwide viewership was recorded. DRL was forced to delay the Chinese broadcast from November to the end of January.

However, what seemed like a forced move by the unwanted events at first, turned out to be the opposite. The lockdown forced many people in search of new ways of passing their free time.

DRL's accidental takeoff

DRL’s accidental takeoff Credits to www.startalkradio.net

Chinese viewership exploded reaching a growth of over 70%. More modest, but still positive figures are seen among the US audience on DRLs last US stream. Growth of over 10% in viewership and over 30% increase of first-time triers. Not bad considering it all came naturally. Find out more about the Drone Racing League.

With all the constant changes in our daily lives, nobody can predict the final outcome. However, one thing is for certain. The rise of new ideas and creativity within the industry is rising rapidly. The organizations and manufacturing companies, as well as the competitors, are showing great adaptability.