Drone Laws in Hungary

Drone Laws in Hungary: Feel Confident in the Air

  • Get an overview of the drone laws in Hungary.

  • Understand the difference between recreational and commercial flights in Hungary.

  • Find Hungary’s no-fly zones and stay safe!

  • Make sure to always report your flight to avoid trouble.

Budapest is one of the best places you can visit in Europe. With it’s unique look, it catches the eyes of many drone enthusiasts, as well as professional pilots and photographers. With many different participants, it is everyone’s responsibility to acknowledge and apply the latest Drone laws and regulations in Hungary.

It’s difficult to be up-to-date with almost any drone related rules among the many technology related laws and regulations. With this being said, The Drones World Team would like to inform you that the content has been researched thoroughly and the latest updates of the subject are taken into consideration. The information provided here should be confirmed by the local authorities.

General Overview Concerning the Drone Laws in Hungary

Due to its natural and architectural uniqueness, Budapest attracts many drone pilots with different fields of interest. Some fly commercially while others recreationally. Despite which category one falls into, Budapest has enough to accommodate everyone. A lot of these pilots come from other countries with purpose to take their best shots. This calls for very welcoming laws in regards to the use of drones. However, this year things are different.

The corona virus has unfortunately taken a toll on the drone pilots too. Due to some of the changes, It is quite difficult to obtain a temporary license to fly your drone. In April 2020 the Ministry of Defense introduced an electronic system for obtaining a permit, aiming to lower the physical human interaction and increase efficiency.

Besides the changes on country level, Hungary is also a member of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). This means that Hungary has adopted the same rules as the other EU members. According to drone-traveller this will law will enter into force on the 30th of December 2020. Until then, check bellow.

A Step-by-Step Guide of Recreational and Commercial Drone Usage

The classification of drones is separated on commercial and recreational flights, with different rules for each. Despite many differences, the general rules apply to both categories. Take a look at the overall restrictions and limits.

Weight: There is no limit on the weight when it comes to restrictions if you drone is registered. For drones under 250gr (8.8oz), registration is not necessary. For drones above this limit, the costs come in different groups.

Registration laws: Registration is not mandatory. However pilots need to have some form of approval.

Maximum Altitude: This parameter differs for commercial and recreational flights. Recreational pilots must not fly above 100m (328ft). For commercial flights this restriction is moved up to 150(492ft)m.

Locations: When it comes to no-fly zones and similar restrictions, Hungary’s most sensitive spots are airports. Other sensitive sites include all government, religious, residential and military buildings.

Flying over crowds of people: The pilots need to take civilians’ private laws into consideration. Flying over a moving vehicle or crowds of people may cost you around 2500$ fine and up to 2 years of imprisonment!

Drone insurance: When it comes to this, things are divided in regards to the type of flight. Drones above 250gr and under 2kg require around 10000$. From 2kg to 10kg insurance costs around 17000$. And for drones above 10kg, insurance rises to around 30000$! Moreover, it is required for both private and commercial flights. This seems like an insane amount money. Good thing the recreational flights are exempted from this rule.

For more in-depth look into the classification and different set of rules that apply, visit the Hungary General Directorate Air Transport official site.

No-Fly Zones in Hungary

When it comes to no-fly zones in Hungary, different rules apply for different drones. There are sites where flights are absolutely restricted, regardless of the classification.

As mentioned earlier drone flights near airport controlled areas are highly restricted. However If you planed to fly over over national parks you will need a permission. This is a fair proposition, if having in mind that many countries forbid any flights in national park areas.

To fly over the temporarily restricted zones (TFRs) in Hungary you will need your special permission, but don’t plan any flights near the South and East. Both considered as no-no for drones. Take a look at the map shown below, it can help you get a better understanding of Hungary’s no-fly zones.

Credits to: legter.hu

The blue areas are airport controlled zones, red color represents temporarily restricted zones and the national parks are marked with green. Of course, as mentioned there will be noticeable changes after the 31st of December due to the upcoming EU regulations.

Drone Training and Educations in Hungary

Hungary provides good learning opportunities for enthusiasts. There are currently couple of private-owned companies who provide drone-related training in different fields. They present short courses mostly for newcomers. Typically about 5 hours in the areas of photography and videography. Good examples of such companies are Skill Success and Simpli. These are all online self-paced courses with an online tutor available. For those of you who are interested in professional drone training schools, Hungary doesn’t have much to offer.

For serious drone training and education, drone enthusiasts usually travel to Belgium and Spain. These two countries are the current European leading schools for upcoming pilots.

Explore Hungary by Drone

With it’s uniqueness, Hungary and mostly Budapest remains travelers’ favorite spot. Naturally, this attracts passionate photographers and pilots as well. This, however can cause some serious problems if taken lightly.

Overall, Hungary is a drone-friendly nation. Getting caught illegally flying a drone will not get you in lots of trouble. Except on the financial side. Hungary has huge ticket costs. These tickets can range anywhere from 0 to 300000$! The maximum jail time these kind of feats can get you is 2 years. Of course, this is extremely rare.

If you are serious about flying you drone in Hungary, please consider contacting Hungary General Directorate Air Transport.

The Drones World has thoroughly researched the drone laws in Hungary to the best of the team’s knowledge. We can’t fully guarantee the complete correctness of the information provided above. The author and The Drones World team don’t take responsibility for any potential damage, loss, or harm that may occur as a result of abiding by this information. Eventually, your responsibility is to ask for advice and help regarding all the needed information about drone laws and regulations. Do that from competent and relevant authorities of the country and state including, but not limited to, aviation authorities, ministries, the embassy in your country, and more. Indeed, feel free to send us news and information you receive about drone regulations in Hungary!