drone laws in Belarus

Drone Laws in Belarus

  • A step-by-step guide deals with the specific rules of recreational and commercial drone usage in Belarus.

  • Check out the zones where flying a drone is restricted.

  • Read the necessary information for foreigners who want to take their drones when they’re traveling to Belarus.

  • Belarus offers opportunities for drone education and training.

Belarus has been recently popping on the radar of many tourists around the globe more and more. As such, it started to attract even drone enthusiasts and professionals who like to experience Belarus by drone. That way they can gain a unique perspective of the already extraordinary sights that the country offers.

Moreover, it can boast with both natural landmarks as well as imposing, human-made architectural and cultural feats. So, before you decide to fly your drone in Belarus, remember to check out the current drone laws and regulations.

We’d like to state that the post has been thoroughly researched and prepared with the utmost care. Still, the information which we’ve outlined can’t substitute the data provided by local authorities and sources.

Drone Laws in Belarus: General Overview

According to the Belarusian authorities, UAVs, or drones, represent aircraft on which a human pilot isn’t present. Besides, they fly in the range where their operator can fully see them. This category includes autonomous devices that fly completely on their own.

Additionally, the country treats recreational and commercial usage in the same way. Nevertheless, various limitations and sets of rules regulate both. Drone laws and rules can vary based on the weight of your drone, the location where you’ll fly it, and similar.

A Step-by-Step Guide for Recreational and Commercial Drone Usage

As we mentioned, authorities allow and treat equally both commercial and recreational flying of drones. That is as long as operators obey the code of conduct. Further, it consists of rules like the ones regarding the weight, the location, and such.

Regardless, check out the following considerations when flying:

Maximum Altitude: Your drone can fly up to 100 meters (328.1 feet) above the ground. Make sure that the drone is always in your field of view.

Weight: If your drone weighs more than 500 grams (17.6 ounces), you should put a label on it with your full name as well as your address.

Flying Over People: Flying your drone near the President of Belarus is forbidden. Also, flying over large crowds may not be a good idea.

Locations: Don’t fly your drone over sensitive areas. These may include government and military locations, prisons, courts of law, areas where your drone can obstruct the police and other essential personnel, et cetera. Fly away from places where aircraft fly up and land. That includes regular airports and even bases for seaplanes. You can read more about this in the next section.

Drone Insurance: Currently, drone insurance isn’t mandatory.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications is the institution that takes care of drone laws in Belarus and the regulatory infrastructure.

No-Fly Zones

Generally, you shouldn’t fly your drone close to or directly above strategic and military structures. Also, all the different airports are marked as places where drones shouldn’t fly as are other similar sensitive areas in the country. Similarly, the borders that the country shares with other European countries are considered to be restricted for drones. As such, drones aren’t allowed to fly in the restricted area unless a government agency gives a green light.

Subsequently, Belarusian authorities have identified several no-fly zones where pilots aren’t allowed to fly their drones in. The Defense Ministry has updated the list of locations where drones are restricted a few years back. Specifically, the list consists of more locations than there were before. Check them out on the infographic below.

drone laws in Belarus - no fly zones

Reserves as well as national parks may require special permissions to fly drones in them. Accordingly, you should consult with the particular reserve or national park for this and similar details.

Travel for Foreigners

At the time of writing, there don’t seem to be any restrictions regarding bringing your drone to Belarus with you if it’s a legal import. Usually, the rule of thumb is that each person should carry just a single drone.

Consider any drone requirements imposed by some airlines when you’re buying plane tickets to Belarus. These typically refer to drones’ batteries. Furthermore, some airlines will allow you to take your drone onboard only when the batteries are placed in a special separate bag.

Another thing that individuals should pay attention to is the weight of the drone. Indeed, this can increase the overall weight of the luggage and you may end up paying more.

Training and Education

Very few pieces of information can be found regarding drone training and education in Belarus. Still, multiple countries from Europe, including Belarus with its partner organizations, have recently participated in a project called Educational for Drone (eDrone). Moreover, the project’s objective was defining the learning environment regarding drones and gaining competences as well as theoretical and practical knowledge in the field.

The framework of the project outlines numerous aspects. Among them the goal is for institutions for higher education to be provided with the necessary support for setting up Offices for Education for Drones (OED). They will also be in charge of transferring knowledge.

Further, the institutions that took part in the project from Belarus are the Belarusian State Technological University and the Belarusian State University.

Fly Your Drone in Belarus

Before you go to a foreign country, it’s wise to check the Drone Readiness Index (DRI) ranking of the country as well as its drone laws.

Although the drone laws in Belarus aren’t very complicated, operators should still be very careful when flying a drone there. And if you abide by the laws, you won’t have any trouble whatsoever.

We at The Drones World always recommend you to travel informed so that you can get a sense of what to expect and how to behave.

The Drones World has thoroughly researched the drone laws in Belarus to the best of the team’s knowledge. We can’t fully guarantee the complete correctness of the information provided above. The author and The Drones World team don’t take responsibility for any potential damage, loss, or harm that may occur as a result of abiding by this information. Eventually, your responsibility is to ask for advice and help regarding all the needed information about drone laws and regulations. Do that from competent and relevant authorities of the country including, but not limited to, aviation authorities, ministries, the embassy in your country, and more. Indeed, feel free to send us news and information you receive about drone regulations in Belarus!