DJI’s New Headquarters – Drones and Architecture

DJI’s New Headquarters



This video presents the remarkable idea for the future headquarters of the world biggest drone manufacturing company, DJI. The construction site, located in the Nanshan District in the Chinese city of Shensen, is planned to be the company’s new innovation and technology center.


Credits to Foster and Partners


DJI is working with the world-famous architecture studio Foster and Partners to construct their new headquarters. The architecture studio Foster and Partners is famous for its sci-fi building around the world. The Architects portfolio includes many innovative and high-tech buildings. Among these buildings are the new Apple campus, many airports, government, residential and infrastructural projects. In the long run, Foster and Partners is helping with the development of The Drones World. Their Droneport project in Africa is based on the use of drones for delivering medical supplies in hard to access areas.

The concept of DJI’s new headquarters represents the idea of the company as a strong and very innovative drone manufacturer and technology research center.

DJI’s New Headquarter Is Aiming to Create a ‘Community in the Sky’


The main idea of the architects is to create an office space from the future, which they call ‘the community in the sky’.

The architectural concept is made out of two vertical volumes with different programs, connected with a bridge between them. In fact, the company is planning to use this bridge as a launching platform for their new products. Each one of the two volumes is made of smaller floating cubes.


Credits to Foster and Partners


The specific thing about the building is the use of the construction system. The building is made out of steel construction system which minimizes the number of columns in the building, leaving a bigger and more open space inside. This open space is required by DJI in order to be able to test their drones inside the building.


Credits to Foster and Partners


The ground floor of the building is an open, public space with beautiful gardens and a theater made to showcase future new products. The building is equipped with many services that will show the new technological achievements in the drone industry. After all, on the ground floor, they have a robot boxing arena.


For the most part, DJI has managed to show the wider public the future goals of their company. All that is left for us is to wait and see the result.


Source: Foster and Partners