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DCL Drafts 2019

DCL Drone Racing League1

The DCL (Drone Champions League) is the world’s largest live drone racing league. It’s method of organization is a little bit different than other drone racing leagues. It has fewer teams and fewer events and is held on various locations. It is composed of seven permanent teams, each with at least 4 pilots. The league is also featured in different events that include drones.

The league is 4 years old as of 2019. Every year new members participate in the drafts in which rookie pilots are selected. There is no age, race and gender limitation. Anyone can try and enter the league and become a world famous drone racing pilot. The entry costs are low and the possibilities are unlimited.

Having Breitling, Red Bull, and Trilux as main sponsors, the future of DCL is nothing but bright. This is already already noticeable in the outstanding organization.

DCL 2018 Winners
Winners of DCL 2018 celebrating their voctory. Credits to DCL

2019 DCLs Drafts

The 2019 draft selection was held on the 23rd and 24th of February. The event was held in the Palais Des Festivals Cannes in front of a 100,000 visitors. During the event the pilots served a great show for the audience.

Veloce racing are reinforced by Ethan Kling (USA) and Jonas Holzapfel (GER). The China Dragons acquired the two prosperous @fgrubbe (GER) and Brandon Kurtz (USA). In order to get chosen by the team manager, the pilots need to score high in the new computer game – DCL The Game. The draft rules are simple. The slowest team picks first and the fastest picks last, in overall of 6 rounds. The full picks list is available on the official site of the DRL.

DCL Draft
The new drone racers for Veloce team. Credits to DCL


The DCL has 7 teams participating in the game. Each team has 7 pilots. This are the teams which are part of the championship:

  • Apex Drone Racing from Demark;
  • China Dragons from China;
  • DMM Raiden Racing from Japan;
  • Drone Sports from Russia;
  • Quad Force One from USA;
  • Veloce Racing from South Korea;
  • Xblades from United Kingdom

Upcoming events

This year DCL fans will have a special experience. The start of the new season will be held in a new and unique environment. It’s the world-famous Snowpark Laax (Switzerland) situated on an altitude of 2000m. The snow park is known for it’s half-pipe, which is the world’s largest. In an environment like this, the chosen pilots have a slightly more difficult task. The snowy and mountainous terrain combined with the high speeds of up to 160 km/h will get the best out of the pilots.

Laax Drone Racing
Laax, the place for the next DCL Race

The event will be held for 3 days, starting from the 28th of March and ending on the 30th. The live stream and the timetable for the races are available on the DCL’s official site.

The 2019 season is made up of 6 races in total. The locations, dates and tickets are yet to be announced by the official DCL site.

Credits to DCL