Colorado by Drone: Explore the Top Spots in the State!

Colorado by drone
  • Get a unique, all-seeing perspective of Colorado with a drone!

  • Experience Colorado by drone. Dive deeper into marvelous sights like Denver, the Rocky Mountain National Park, Telluride, and Great Sand Dunes from wherever you are.

  • Check out the history Colorado has with drones – from mysterious drone formations in the night to drone parks, drone-mapping projects, and more.

Many people visit the state of Colorado not just once, but they continue to come back time and time again. The serene views, breathtaking nature, the fun and good times continue to appeal to visitors. For some, whether it be because of the pandemic, finances, or personal obligations, visiting in person just isn’t possible. There is, however, still a way to experience and appreciate the beauty of Colorado through cyber tourism-travelling to Colorado by drone.

Armed with a drone with a camera and knowledge of the drone laws and regulations, you can enjoy the state’s cities and parks firsthand. Moreover, Colorado has plenty of vibrant cities as well as quieter towns where you can ski, hike, or simply relax in the peace of nature and wildlife. And there’s plenty of mountains, dunes, and lakes you can take pictures of and enjoy. That’s why, in the following paragraphs, we’ll present some of the top places seen by a drone. First on the list is the state’s capital of Denver, then the Rocky Mountain National Park, Telluride, and the Great Sand Dunes.


Credits to Blue Mantle Films

Originating from the era of the American Frontier, Denver today is still one of America’s memorable metropolises. The city offers something for everyone’s tastes.

Subsequently, you can explore some of the multiple museums and galleries like the Denver Art Museum and the Museum of Nature and Science. Denver has a distinct cuisine that you can experience in restaurants and cafes on Larimer Square and other locations. After all, the city is known for the invention of the cheeseburger. The Square and the nineteenth-century houses, which line up the city, are a symbol of old-time Denver.

The Rockies (more on them in a bit) are nearby Denver, too. So, mountain lovers won’t be left disappointed by the city. Make sure you don’t miss the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater. What’s more, drone pilots can have a field day on some of the city’s parks and fields where flying a drone is accessible and more than welcome. Some of them include Ketring Park, Suhaka Field, Aurora Reservoir, and many more.

Further, beware that Denver is home to some no-drone spots, too. The Denver Zoo is one of those locations where you shouldn’t fly your drone.

Colorado’s capital also goes by another name – Mile High City. This nickname is more than justified. Moreover, the city stands at an elevation of just one mile above sea level. Enjoy all the wonders that the city has to offer in the drone footage above.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Credits to Fearless 4K

One of the most picturesque views of nature can be seen at the Rocky Mountain National Park. No wonder that it’s a popular destination in marvelous drone photographs and videos. One such video can be seen above.

Furthermore, the park sits on 265,000 acres (around 1072 square kilometers) of land. So, you shouldn’t be surprised that it has the title of the biggest national park in the United States.

Hiking is a popular activity. The trails are numerous and offer spectacular scenes of wildlife and fauna among which are elks and bighorn sheep. Let’s not forget about the alpine lakes, forests of pine trees and spruce, as well as other such spots of unspoiled nature. Additionally, the park is home to the scenic Trail Ridge Road. This highway connects Estes Park and Grand Lake.

Besides that, the Colorado Rocky Mountains have recently made the headlines connected to drones. That’s right – drones are used for a deeper exploration beneath the mountain range. Still, flying a drone in U.S. national parks such as the Rocky Mountains one is prohibited.


Credits to Telluride Ski Resort

Are you a fan of skiing? Then, this is the place to visit. The town of Telluride is famous for its ski resort that stretches across 2,000 acres (approximately 8 square kilometers), which are suitable for skiing. The resort is usually covered by 309 inches (7.8 meters) of snow. Indeed, visitors can enjoy 300 sunny days during the year.

But if winter sports aren’t your thing, this town has many other interesting places you can fly over with a drone at any time of the year. The San Juan Mountains, for one, represent one of the most photogenic natural beauties during all seasons. Also, they house the Mountain Village. It’s a lively place with cobbled streets and many restaurants and shops. So, it’s always interesting to see people milling about.

The warmer months also reveal the scenic and picturesque Town Park. It offers many picnic spots, walking paths between the greenery as well as golf courses, and even pools. Due to its large space, many festivals like the Telluride Blues and Brews Festival and the Telluride Bluegrass Festival take place there.

Great Sand Dunes

Credits to Morari Veaceslav

Now let us move onto the southern parts of Colorado. Here we’ll find the Great Sand Dunes! The dunes attract plenty of visitors who can enjoy them both during the day and night. Although it may sound like it’s a desert, the Great Sand Dunes are home to a diverse ecosystem. There, you can find the Medano Creek and the beach close by as well as plenty of tundra, wetlands, forests, and similar. Experience these marvels in the video above.

Connected to this, visitors have a chance to backpack and hike the huge dunes, as well as, sandboard, splash in the creek, stroll, and such. After dark, the dunes are brimming with sounds and smells as people enjoy nights under the stars.

Being the tallest dunes in North America, the park with its partners has participated in a drone-mapping project of the landmark. As we mentioned, flying a drone there may be off-limits as it’s a national park.

Explore Colorado by Drone – Rules and Regulations

The Centennial State has a pretty long and a bit weird history with drones. For one, media from all over the world recently reported the strange swarming of drones that flew in formations at night. The event confused natives and local officials alike. Further, the state has a drone park in the town of Buena Vista.

All of this, combined with the beauty of the state makes it obvious why drone pilots are interested in visiting it. But, we at The Drones World advise you first to check out the relevant and current drone laws and regulations and getting all the required permits.

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