Coffee Delivery By Drone

Coffee Delivery by Drone

Your caffeine fix may soon fall from the sky


Can You Immagine Your Day Without Coffee?


A wise man once said: Humanity runs on coffee. But wait-do you run on it? What will happen if you don’t have the time to get one today? Will you be able to keep going?

The lifestyle that we live today is very fast. Because of that, we continue to avoid our small daily satisfactions. We skip many things we like doing, including stopping for a coffee. However, this time has as many advantages as it has disadvantages. We live in a time of technological revolution too. Having this in mind, humanity is making new achievements to better our life.

All of these technological achievements represent the miracles of our time. Whenever there is hope, miracles can happen. We can keep looking in the sky and hope for them. Would it be a miracle for coffee delivery from the sky? 


IBM can save your day, and make your headache go away


Yes, it’s true. IBM has announced that they have patented an idea where drones will deliver coffee. This sounds a bit like a sci-fi scenario, but once upon a time, airplanes were sci-fi too. We just kept our eyes to the sky and they showed up.

IBM is considered to be one of the largest IT companies in the world and is now developing their idea for a new product. This product might solve some of your headaches.

Imagine this: you are rushing towards your new workspace. While you are on the open public plaza, dressed up nice with a smile on your face you start feeling a bit of anxiety. This morning you forgot your coffee at home.

You stop for a second, wave your hand and IBM Drone Delivery service bring you a warm, high-quality coffee.


Coffee Delivery by Drone
Wave your hand for Coffee Delivery – By IBM


Don’t worry though,  the locations for this product will be endless. From the company, they say that their patent can offer coffee delivery almost everywhere. From public to office spaces, homes, cafes or seating areas.


It sounds great, right? Coffee delivery service from the sky. Wow! 


This service will cover almost every location. Starting from public space to restaurants. In bars, IBM is planning to have alcohol delivery too. According to The Drive, this can be a good change for people that don’t drink coffee.

The coffee delivery process consists of two parts. The first will be coffee delivery upon request. In this scenario, you will have to wave the UAV with your hand. Upon this request, it will bring you a hot cup of coffee.

The second way of service will be upon your health data status. This scenario is the most unique part of this technology. The Quads will have access to your health data from your smartwatches, as well as be able to follow other body signals through facial recognition. In each of the two cases, they will determine whether or not your body needs that caffeine boost. If the drone processes that you have a low level of caffeine, it will bring you a coffee without a request.

This amazing coffee delivery service is just a patent waiting for future development. There are likely to be problems in the implementation, such as security obstacles. Transporting hot liquid through the air will probably be another.


hot liquid
Transporting hot liquid through the air by


Although a lot of the technology companies are patenting products, not all of them are succeeding. But, let us not lose hope because of that. History has proven if there is a market there will be a determined product. In fact, the drone delivery service is not a new thing. The game for drone delivery had begun before IBM’s idea. There are many other players. If IBM doesn’t succeed, others will.