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The Drones World aims to expose the fun facts and positive information regarding drones as part of the technological era. Drones are easily accessible tools that serve the needs of many industries. We commit to working with you, public or private stakeholders by providing visibility and support for your ideas that make the world a better place.

We support the artists that capture the world from angles never seen before and The Drone Racers who fly in the cyber world and advance the horizons of sports. They are the one the make the world more accessible and inclusive for all.

Further more we provide travel possibilities from the comfort of your couch. With our Cyber Tourism program, we aim to publish videos and photos from different places around the world. Our goal is to make visual traveling accessible for everyone.

We support the protection of the environment by exposing the stakeholders that use drones as tools to fight the pollution. By sharing information and news for service providers, products, researchers, education, or activism on technological achievements that detect, prevent, or expose ecologically discrepancies.

Our last commitment is to provide all users with the latest laws and regulations regarding drone flights. First and far most safety, we encourage all users to follow the instructions of the local authorities and be moral representatives of The Drones World.

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our TEAM

Stefan Angelovski is a drone enthusiast, an architect, and designer. After crashing his first drone into a tree he was injured. It wasn’t the pine cone that hit his head, but rather the fact that the drone was still on the tree. From this fun moment, Stefan decided to start The Drones World and share his experience on drones’ potential as tools for good and fun.

Bojan Kitanovic is passionate about drone technology and its impact on the economy and the global markets. Besides economics, he has experience in copywriting, graphic design, video making, social media, and digital marketing. In his free time, you’ll find him reading a book or enjoying a cup of coffee with friends.

Damjan Mladenov is the first person that supported the idea of The Drones World. His passion for robots took him on a path to study Robotics Technology. He is part of the research industry and academia, with the main focus areas on Drone Racing and other technological achievements.


We at The Drones World are proud to to share our collaboration with GreenGeeks, one of the world leading eco-friendly web hosting providers. For us it is very important to make sure we have a positive impact on the environment, but also have reliable and user friendly infrastructure.

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